University of Melbourne Masters Graduation Gown Set - Medicine - Front view

University of Melbourne Masters Graduation Gown Set - Medicine

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  • Product Description

    Complete two-piece University of Melbourne graduation gown set:

    • Gown: Black, plain-style, with Masters-length sleeves.
    • Hood: Black, Oxford-style, lined with Cardinal (Red). This is unique, degree-specific (Medicine) item.
    • Note: Official University of Melbourne academic dress regulations do not allow the wearing of a trencher by Bachelor graduates.


    Suitable for those who have completed a Masters degree in Medicine at the University of Melbourne. Not suitable for MD graduates.

    See the 'Sizing Guide' tab to choose the appropriate size of gown. The hood is a standard size.

  • Sizing Guide

    Gown: Simply use your height, measured in the normal way. This will ensure that you get a gown that falls around half-way between your knees and your ankles.

    Cap: Measure your head circumference at the widest point (a few centimetres above your eyebrows is normally a good level to measure). Be sure to include hair, including pony-tails, in the measurement. If you are on the borderline between two sizes, it is best to pick the larger of the two. The best method is to use a measuring tape. Don't have one? No worries! We've made one for you to print out - download the GownTown DIY measuring tape here. You can also use a piece of string or cord and then measure the length with a normal ruler.

  • Gown and frame packages

    Use the coupon code 'GOWN-PLUS-FRAME' to get a gown set and frame for $149 including free shipping on both. (Normally $180.)


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