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Express your interest and we will make your Flinders gown set.

We do not currently make graduation gowns for Flinders. Currently the only way to get your gown affordably is to hire.
But you can express your interest if you’d like us to make a gown for you to keep for $99 or less.

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How it works.

  1. Click on the button above that corresponds to your Flinders degree.
  2. Enter your email address and graduation date.
  3. If there is sufficient interest for a particular Flinders grad gown set, we will make it and contact you by email.
  4. Anyone who expresses their interest early will receive a special discount!

GownTown is Australia’s largest retailer of academic dress for university graduations.

Share and make it happen.

The more people in your cohort who express their interest, the more likely it is that we will introduce a new Flinders University product to our collection. So share with your friends completing the same Flinders degree as you.

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Flinders University graduation gowns - purchase instead of hire
Flinders University Graduation ceremony calendar - when do you need your Flinders graduation gown?

Upcoming ceremonies at Flinders.

  • Tue. 12 Apr.
  • Wed. 13 Apr.
  • Thu. 14 Apr.
  • Fri. 15 Apr.

For full up-to-date details, visit the Flinders University Graduations site.

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