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Why hire your gown when you can own?

GownTown is Australia's premiere retailer of university graduation gowns, offering an affordable alternative to gown hire

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Why buy from GownTown? What else to do with your gown? It's all answered in our videos...

GownTown vs Gown Hire (video) Graduate your way (video) - some ideas for what to do with your new gown...
These are all actual GownTown customers, having a blast in their graduation gowns!

Thousands of happy customers.

We've already made thousands of graduations that little bit better, across every State of Australia. We pride ourselves on the finest-quality products and top-notch customer service whilst our team of designers ensure that every product complies with university specifications.

Some reasons why students choose GownTown...

GownTown offers great value graduation gowns

Cheaper price

"At my university, the cost to hire a grad gown set was $150, just for a few hours! GownTown was only $99."

Our graduation gowns and brand new, unlike hire gowns

Brand new

"I wanted new graduation garments that no one else had worn. I also wanted to be able to throw my hat!"

University academic dress can also be fun...


"I'll be honest - I wanted to dress up like a wizard. Wizards are cool."

Graduation photography can happen any day when you own your graduation gown!

More flexible

"With your own graduation gown, you can take photos whenever. If it rains on grad day, it's not an issue!"

Owning a graduation gown is so much more fun than hire!

More Fun

"My friends and I organised a party for graduation night. We wanted to wear gowns, so we needed to own them!"

With a hired graduation gown, you can't try it until you arrive!

Dress to impress

"Choosing GownTown meant I could style my grad day outfit and be sure that it matched my gown!"

Don't queue in a line to hire your gown - order now!

No queues

"I'd heard about the long queues to collect and return hire gowns, and didn't want that to spoil grad day."

Be sure to check the fees and conditions of graduation gown hire companies

No fees

"The graduation hire company had so many extra fees - for deposits, late bookings, late returns, soilage..."

How it works

Step 1 - Choose your university

1. Choose your university

We cater for most Australian universities.

Step 2 - Choose your university degree or faculty

2. Choose your degree

We are experts in the styles and colours of every degree.

Step 3 - Choose your gown and cap sizes

3. Choose your sizes

Customise your gown and cap sizes for the perfect fit.

Step 4 - Get your graduation gown set delivered!

4. Graduate in style

Your gown set will ship to your door, ready for grad day!

Step 1 - Choose your university

1. Choose your university

GownTown offers frames all Australian universities.

Step 2- Choose your testamur frame style

2. Choose your frame style

Choose from Modern or Traditional styles depending on your decor.

Step 3 - Choose your testamur frame matte colour

3. Choose your matte colour

Choose from Black, Navy, Maroon, Eucalypt and Cream.

Step 4 - Get your degree framed!

4. Get it framed

Provide us with your details and we'll send you your frame!

Step 1 - Choose your university, graduation date and time

1. Choose your uni and time

GownTown offers a range of times during graduation seasons.

Step 2- We match you with one of our amazing photographers

2. Get matched

We match you with one of our amazing photographers.

Step 3 - Meet your photographer on graduation day for a personalised grad shoot in your gown

3. Your own shoot

Meet your photographer on the day for a personalised photoshoot.

Step 4 - Download your images and order prints on our platform

4. Download and print

Download your images and order prints on our platform.

GownTown is a student-friendly graduation company

The Australian brand you can trust.

GownTown is the original online gown retailer in Australia, and the only one to offer outstanding quality products. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.